Michael Wilson Restorations main focus is on the restoration and conversion of large, Listed Country House Mansions within secure and secluded country estates enjoying parkland settings.

Invariably, these Mansions were previously used for residential and institutional uses, such as schools, nursing/retirement homes, Convent retreats for religious orders, corporate headquarters etc. Many such predecessors rarely have the funding within their budgets to maintain the buildings, with many falling into disrepair through lack of economic use. 

MWR delivers physical rescue of the Nation's heritage buildings and finances complete, back to 'bare brick' restoration, creating just a few, large, very special luxury homes, where the ultimate owners, wanting to protect their investment, guarantee the buildings ongoing survival for posterity. This is achieved through Maintenance and Service Charges, communally administered by Managing Agents. In return the few fortunate owners enjoy a unique Country Estate Lifestyle that few could contemplate as a single occupancy.

In addition to living in Mansion Houses of the highest architectural quality, invariably surrounded by beautiful landscaped Parkland, owners enjoy the unique advantages of site security and the communal maintenance of buildings and grounds, allowing 'lock up and go', for extended travelling and/or seasonal occupation of other homes around the world."

MWR recognise the importance of being able to offer the option to early buyers, of creating a bespoke tailor made personalised interior to their home. This option is a reason why the majority of MWR projects are pre-sold before completion of the building programme.


The aim of all projects undertaken by Michael Wilson Restorations is to create totally unique living environments to satisfy the most discerning lifestyle aspirations. 

Every potential project must meet Michael Wilson’s strict set of criteria.

These include the architectural and heritage quality of the building, its established location and setting. Michael only proceeds with the project if his stringent standards are fully met.

Michael has the architectural and design experience to be able to visualise the creation of unique lifestyle experiences within grand period buildings. Defining the exclusivity and status of the Country House Estate Lifestyle, with state reception rooms and generously proportioned accommodation to retain the quintessential period qualities that have taken centuries to evolve.

Michael and his experienced team are available to advise and interpret individual lifestyle requirements.